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Welcome to LaNeal Nance Studios LLC, your premier destination for elevating your brand’s digital footprint. At the heart of our studio’s ethos is a commitment to capturing the essence of your brand and transforming it into powerful visual and digital narratives. Our suite of services, including premium photography, dynamic reel making, impactful digital flyer design, and transformative web design, is meticulously tailored to showcase the unique qualities of your business.

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Learn about our different services in Social Media Management.

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Learn about our different services in Digital Ad Material

Elevate Your Visuals with Our New Photography Services

Discover the latest addition to our creative portfolio at LaNeal Nance Studios – Photography Services. We now offer an expanded range of photographic options to capture your moments with precision and style. From corporate events and product showcases to real estate and personal branding, our services now include breathtaking aerial photography using the latest drone technology.

  • Corporate and Event Photography:
  • Product and Lifestyle Photography: 
  • Architectural and Real Estate Photography: 
  • Portrait and Personal Branding Photography:

Why Choose Us?

Our integrated approach combines technical expertise with creative flair, ensuring every photograph we take not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Let us help you transform how the world sees your brand.

Lanique Smith

At LaNeal Nance Studios, we celebrate the dynamic creativity and youthful vigor that Lanique brings to our team as an exceptionally talented young artist. Her journey through the realms of art is guided by a profound passion for artistic expression and a curiosity to explore various mediums, significantly enhancing our studio’s creative landscape.

Lanette Acree

Lanette Acree, a proud graduate of SIUC, combines her academic foundation in business with a practical understanding of digital design and social media management. Her expertise extends across various dimensions of the digital landscape, particularly in utilizing platforms like WordPress to engineer robust back-end solutions for web development.

LaNeal Nance

LaNeal Nance is a multifaceted professional with a distinguished background in product design and engineering, enriched by his education at SIUC. His career trajectory has spanned various sectors including hospitality, media, and finance, where he has consistently leveraged his skills to drive meaningful impact within the organizations he has served.